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The Relax Lab offers mobile massage therapy in the comfort of your home by a certified trusted therapist. Holistic therapy is healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit with the aim to relieve you from physical pain, emotional tension and ultimately help you on your journey to overall wellbeing.



The Relax Lab offers a variety of holistic therapies in the comfort of your home by therapists you can trust

Holistic Massage

Enjoy a consultation with your massage therapist who will discuss your concerns to create a tailored treatment to suit your needs. The expert touch of your therapist's hands will melt away stresses, ease tension and tired muscles, and leave your body with renewed energy.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing treatment that can ease pain, improve circulation and help relieve tension. Your massage therapist will use techniques to soothe any discomfort.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tailored to your needs, your massage therapist will use firm strokes and pressure on identified problem areas to alleviate tension and pain. This may be suited to you if you are athletic or suffer from extreme tension that may occur from injury or posture.

Indian Head Massage

The therapist will apply pressure to points on your face, neck and shoulders with the aim to promote relaxation and relieve tension. Indian Head massage is carried out with your clothes on therefore is the perfect introduction to massage.


At The Relax Lab we charge by treatment length. You can book your treatment using our online booking system or contacting us via email or telephone. Visit our contact page to get in touch. 

45 mins £45

60 mins £50

90 mins £60

Gift Vouchers

Do you know someone who would love a massage? Great! We offer personalised gift vouchers perfect for any occasion. All of our vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards can be posted to the recipient direct (or you if you prefer) using Royal Mail First Class post. Alternatively our digital gift vouchers can be emailed to either you or the recipient on a special date! Click here to buy now. 


It is important to us at The Relax Lab that our services are accessible and affordable to all. Because of this we regularly review our prices and offer several discounts. Check our social media pages for offers we may have going! We offer a blanket 10% discount for all concession card holders, emergency services staff and students.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first session?

At The Relax Lab we appreciate that whilst some people may have had many massages in the past, others come in with no idea what to expect, having never received a massage before. Once you have booked your first massage appointment with The Relax Lab, you will receive an email/text confirmation.

Your appointment will start with a short consultation to discuss your treatment and any concerns/questions you may have. Once you and your practitioner have agreed on your treatment plan for the day, they will leave the room to wash their hands, leaving you to undress and get onto the massage table. You will be draped with towels throughout the massage with your practitioner only exposing areas of your skin when massaging that section. Please not that no practitioner at The Relax Lab will provide naturist massage, draping is non-negotiable. 

At the end of your massage your practitioner will invite you to get ready and have a short discussion about how you are feeling. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may not have at the start of the treatment and book your second appointment! 

How does mobile massage work?

The Relax Lab provides massage therapy in the comfort of your own home by certified trusted therapists. We currently serve Edinburgh and Midlothian. The therapist will bring all equipment to you including the treatment bed, towels and oils. It is important you think about where you would like to have your treatment at home ensuring there is enough space for the treatment bed. 

Once you have booked your massage you will receive a confirmation email with some information of what to expect and asked to provide information such as your address and a contact number. 

You will receive a text/email reminder 24 hours before your appointment. On the day of your massage, your therapist will have all the necessary equipment and set up in your home. 

How do I pay?

All appointments can be paid for using cash or card at the end of your appointment! A 10% deposit payment is required to secure your booking. We have an online payment service which makes the process easier. Click here to book your appointment. 

If you have a massage gift voucher, simply keep a hold of your voucher and contact us so we can get you booked in for your treatment!

What massage is right for me?

At The Relax Lab we are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive an exclusive tailor-made experience. This means that your individual needs will be considered when planning your treatment. If you are experiencing headaches for example, an Indian Head Massage focused on your face, neck and shoulders may be the best option to tackle that problem. Alternatively, if you sit at an office and experience pain due to your posture, a Swedish massage would relax your muscles and ease discomfort. Visit our treatments page to find out more about the specifics of each treatment.


Contact us

We love hearing from you! For more information about The Relax Lab please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the enquiry form.


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